Samsung LN52B750 LCD HDTV Review.


Product Overview

The Best : Superbly deep black levels, precise color, creditable picture uniformity for an LCD, very good dejudder system; wide range of features with Yahoo Widgets, the network continuously and integrated into the content; connettivity solid with four HDMI and one PC input. Samsung LNB750 model can not beat the best picture quality of the best plasma screens and LED screens(based LCDs), but for a conventional LCD screens.The LNB750 series is one of the best we've tested.

The Poor : A bit expensive 240Hz performance, difficult to discern, the dark areas in blue, bright screen can cause reflections in bright environments, without S-Video inputs.

Price : $2,048.00  ==> Go to Specail Price.

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Introduce Product.

Now that the 240Hz entry into force on the  LCDs prospect, we suppose the Samsung LN52B750 LCD to meet this overspread. This entire society exceeds the LCD with LED edge-lit based LCD in most areas, inclusive the black level performance and consistency of image and produces a better picture than any LCD we've tested, except for  LED-backlit model from last year with local dimming.It is certainly not perfect, however, and plasma displays even better or overstep this LCD in overall picture quality. But for people seeking an LCD HDTV and willing to pay a premium for 240Hz and interactive extras, the Samsung LNB750 series should make the short list.
Series in LNB750 : We conducted a practical assessment of 52-inch Samsung LN52B750 ($ 2,899 list), but this review applies to LN46B750 Samsung 46-inch ($ 2,399) and 40-inch Samsung LN40B750 ($ 1,999). Common to all three dimensions similar identical features and specifications.


The LN52B750 LCD staining attract less attention than many other members of Touch of Color by Samsung. The slightest shade of translucent blue appears at the bottom of the frame, highlighted by the company brand, and fortunately extinguished, lighting directly under the logo. The rest is shiny black faced by see-through plastic that extends from the edge on all four sides - although it is quite difficult to remain in the outer fringe of the frame, you might get with a touch of blue too. In all we found the look stylish and attractive, although I still prefer narrow bezel sets like the Sony KDL-series XBR9.
We like this Samsung models significantly thinner LED edge-lit-based LCD, The LN52B750 has 3.1 inches deep, has a position with a glass frame smooth and transparent which gives the impression of providing a mobile back. As always, we appreciate the swivel action. Samsung has used the same menu as last year, this time with edges of blue ice, and we still believe that one of the best in the Marketing.Big, highly legible text set a transparent display, occupying almost the entire screen to move easily, and there is useful explanatory text at the bottom to describe the different selections.
The remote is basically the same as last year, even, a new edge on the back that holds the clicker on a stable flat surface,and we certainly the fans - especially since Samsung dropped the rotating wheel. The buttons are large, illuminated and easy to distinguish because the size and shape, and it was great tools to easily create forms of sound and image in the standby mode and image management image.



The Samsung LN52B750 expensive than LNB650 series are including 240Hz processing,which is in the two times faster than the 120 Hz refresh rate found in many other display. The main effect of the refresh rate to improve the distribution of resolution, although this improvement is very difficult to see the majority of the audience. Samsung Auto Motion Plus is also the processing dejudder on board, and new for 2009 includes a custom well implemented that allows you to optimize judder and blur reduction. See Performance for more information.


Samsung has added Yahoo Widgets set the high end of the series LNB750. Nodules collected information system Internet-powered, called "snippest" in a bar along the bottom of the screen. The model we reviewed came with widgets for stocks, weather, news, Flickr photos, more video from Yahoo, sports, poker, quiz and Twitter - and safer to occur in the near future.
Other interactive features abound on this series. It can stream video, photos and music from DLNA certified devices through the network connection and USB ports that can connect to MP3 players, digital cameras and USB memory sticks (we have not tested this feature). It is also the "content", such as recipes, games, exercises and training slide show of art and high-resolution images with music. We went to the contents of the depth of last year's disappointing that similar functions are to discuss in this context and more interactive part of its review in 2008, the Samsung LN46A750.


Dejudder addition to the above rules, we also enjoyed the myriad of settings on the classic picture, four picture modes that are independently adjustable for each input.There are five presets for color temperature enhanced by the ability to pay through a menu each custom white balance, three levels of noise reduction, including an automatic setting, a film mode to engage 2:3 pull down(also works with the 1080i sources); a range of seven gamma option command on the progression of the television darkness to light, a dynamic contrast control that adjusts the image on the fly, a lot of "black" control over the details of shadow and control of the color space that maximizes the Samsung range of colors.
You can choose from four aspect ratio modes for HD sources, two of which can move the entire image on the screen horizontally and vertically.As you might expect from a 1080p set, one of these methods, called the screen to adapt to 1080i and 1080p sources directly to scale panel pixel without overscan -the best option if you see interference on the edge of the screen, which may be the case with some channels or programs. The serial connectivity LNB750 very good, but not the result of the recent tendency to ignore the S-video - should not be found on this TV. The rear panel sprouts three HDMI ports, two component video inputs (one of which can be sacrificed for composite video, if you need it), one PC-style VGA input, an RF input for cable and satellite, Ethernet, and analogue stereo and digital optical audio output. side panel TV has a fourth HDMI, two USB ports and AV input with composite video.


Black level: The depth of black produced by global LNB750 Samsung has surpassed that of LCDs, including edge-lit own model of society, but in all the darkest scenes, even if it was not as darker than the plasma.Shadow detail seemed a bit more than we saw on plasma. In the same scene, for example, Jude’ hair, the folds of the shirt and the face of his reluctant and his Liverpool girlfriend seemed a bit less natural progression in their shadow to light. Compared to other LCDs in our programming, However, the LN52B750 has been good near the goal post them all. The difference is subtle between Sony KDL-XBR9 and Samsung LN52B750, however.

Color accuracy: As we can expect high-end Samsung TVs, the LN52B750 has done very well in this area. Like the Sony, its primary and secondary colors were nearly perfect, as evidenced by the still not-neon trees and lush grass of Chapter 4 campuses, or garish red and blue suitable for the costumes of Mr. Kite. This scene also shows the saturation of the solid color is LN52B750. The image is not quite the same level of "pop" than the plasma, but it was better than the A650 or Toshiba and saturation similar Sony KDL-XBR9 and the7000.
Skin tones were generally good, although we have seen a very slight bluish distribution in the midtones. Face close-up of Sadie with her mother after the bad news in Chapter 8, for example, seemed a bit too pale compared to our reference plasma, We also appreciated the fact that the dark areas on the LN52B750 seems closer to true black.

Video processing: The effects of refresh rate of 240Hz on the LN52B750 were similar to what we saw on Sony - in other words, difficult to discern (at best) when you look at the matter of normal program, but provides a significant reduction of blurring from test. The main difference between the two, and what makes the best of Samsung than the Sony. With the Samsung 2009, you can separate the two using the Custom setting. In fact, we obtained the best results by choosing custom settings and reduce the blur to 10 and vibration reduction to zero.
Custom mode worked as expected, we have reduced the cursor blur reduction, the screen comes less lines of resolution. As we have increased the reduction of judder. image became softer and more artifacts. As usual, alluring dejudder when you watching the movie seem more videolike to our eyes, and we preferred to ignore. Although the Standard of Samsung shows artifacts a bit more obvious, as the halo appears around her that Sadie jumped through the forest in Chapter 15, or a little out of the gate, which the soldiers to leave the house of her mother Chapter 8. We still prefer the look of Standard if you must engage dejudder and Smooth on the Samsung and the increase in the size of halos and the incidence of rupture than others, as usual.

Uniformity: The screen LNB750 is more uniform across the surface of many of LCD we've tested, including the Samsung 7000.Although flat patterns for the field tests, we did noted on the edges of the screen LNB750 appeared slightly brighter than the middle. The LNB750 seemed clean and lose the depth of black level a bit faster than the Sony-KDLXBR9 when seen from off-angle, however, even if it became too pale or washed as soon as the 7000.

Standard Definition: The LNB750 expressed generally solid picture quality standard-def. In our tests the display processed every line of a DVD and the shots of grass and take the test looked good detail.

Geek box

Before color temp (20/80) 6624/6822 Good
After color temp 6507/6525 Good
Before grayscale variation 441 Average
After grayscale variation 238 Average
Color of red (x/y) 0.636/0.327 Good
Color of green 0.298/0.589 Good
Color of blue 0.149/0.059 Good
Overscan 0.0% Good
Defeatable edge enhancement Y Good
480i 2:3 pull-down, 24 fps Pass Good
1080i video resolution Pass Good
1080i film resolution Pass Good

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