Samsung UN46B8500 LCD HDTV Review.


I like : Good design;excellent performer such as contrast ratio,black level,excellent video processing.Overall, the Samsung UN46B8500 is the best TV.

I don’t like : It can't read music files from iPods,he actual contents of these categories are poorly conceived 'multimedia' that belong on cheap cell phones, not a $3000+ TV.The overall interface with the Internet@TV is painfully, cruelly, and intolerably slow.

Summary : Best performer, And considering the equally high-performing Sony KDL-52XBR9, good design,Network setup and software upgrade is easy.excellent video quality especially with Blu-ray movies that I've ever seen.

Price Range : $2,429.00-$2,995.00 ==> Go for Special price
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Review- Design
The Samsung UN46B6500 series is a sliver design, coming size at 1.6 inch.It’s very very thin.The front panel will still look smart impressive. The stand has a brushed metal surface and gives every indication that it can effectively support the weight of the TV.



The back of the Samsung UN46B8500 is large and flat.On one side, you'll see the power cord sticking out.the power cord cannot be removed from the unit. On the other side is an L-shaped array of ports. To keep the profile smooth and flat.The remote control is almost perfect. Unfortunately, it's marred by the poorly designed scroll wheel in the center.We liked the dedicated "Tools" key that offers quick access to the E-manual, picture, and sound modes, the sleep timer, and the picture-in-picture controls. We didn't like the remote's glossy black finish.


Menu Interface : The Samsung UN46B8500 is a big TV, so that means a lot of menu.The menu on the Samsung are easy to use and straigh forward.but have the problems with navigation menu into the multimedia and online, it was confusing when we explored the preloaded content libraries.
Audil Quality : The Samsung UN46B8500 offer best audio performance,especially surround sounded system.
Formats : The Samsung UN46B8500 is a native 1080p television, the highest and best possible format for HDTV. It has no trouble playing 480p, 720p, and 1080i content, as well.

Streaming Playback : The Samsung UN46B8500 has the ability to connect with a local network through DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) support.USB thumb drives are fine, but iPods and Zunes don't read, so there goes 95% of the media players in the world. the Internet@TV content, which consists of a series of widgets is painfully, cruelly, and intolerably slow.
Viewing Angle : The viewing angle is quite narrow, only 37 degrees. If you're trying to buy a TV for a wide room, this is not the best choice.


Black level: The Samsung UN46B8500 has black levels of excellent depth.You can expect the shadow details in a film noir to be rendered in their full glory.Let's talk about local dimming (or 'Smart LED' as Samsung calls it), because it has the biggest effect on your black levels. Our official test numbers are taken with local dimming off, because we turn all special processing features off. But you should be aware of how it performs. With local dimming on, the black levels can actually go all the way down.There's a downside to local dimming on the UN46B8500, as well. When watching scenes with lots of blacks,

Contrast : The Samsung UN46B8500 produced contrast ratio on our test is 4605:1 measured.the tested contrast ratio is actually quite good. This, coupled with the smooth greyscale gamma curve, indicates that the UN46B8500 should be able to produce an excellent picture, all the way up from dark shadows to bright highlights.We also looked at the contrast ratio with the local dimming feature on, because there's so much interest around this that warning, we can tell you that the contrast ratio with the local dimming on is a whopping 17,300:1. Damn.

Video Processing :
Auto Motion Pro 240Hz - There are lots of presets and a customizable setting. We recommend that you leave it off. When the feature is too strong, your content will look too smooth and video-like, rather than film. Also creates unexpected artifacting.
Dynamic Contrast setting is Automatically controls the contrast level to avoid excessive level differences while maintaining optimal picture contrast.but our test setting On the 'Low' setting, you might see some minor improvement, but other settings make it too contrasty.

The Samsung UN46B8500 Ratings
Motion Smoothness : 6.25
Viewing Angle : 2.48
Menus : 8.00
Video Processing : 8.00
Color Temperature : 9.35
Formats : 10.00
Black Level : 8.48
Peak White : 9.03
3:2 Pulldown & 24fps : 9.00
Media : 2.0
Programming and Flexibility : 1.0
Power Consumption Cost : 27.09

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