Review Samsung 46D5000 LED TV Affordable for those who do not want to many Feature.

Review: Samsung 46D5000 LED TV the best value TV.

Samsung 46D5000 LED TV full hd tv review.1 This year, all brands of TV manufacturers focus on promoting 3D TV and Internet TV. But sometimes I still wonder how much we have to use these functions. Perhaps we may be passionate about media and advertising rights to cause us to want. But if you do not use functions that I mentioned above. But you really want to get a TV that can complement both the performance and design, should not miss this version of the low end,46D5000 LED TV from Samsung . In this series, there are other dimensions to the requirements set out 22 ", 27", 32 ", 37", 40 "and 46".
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"Design" Samsung D5000 focus slim, Sleek and stylish or Samsung use the word "Ultra Slim". The Ultra Clear Panel screen to reduce glare. The frame is surrounded by crystal clear look elegant and stylish. The Body is connected to the base with a crystal clear, more elegant. All connectors facing out to the side or bottom. No problem to hang.
Button is touched. But no light show, which makes use of the work may be a bit hard.
Recommendations from the remote easy to use. The remote is not a luxury. No light during the work.But the response is good and large numbers.

"Image" of a Samsung 46D5000 is Edge LED TV with a screen Full HD resolution or 2 megapixel which is low end TV of Samsung. Ultra Clear Panel screen-film reduces glare. For animation or movies, Clear Motion Rate 100Hz will have to insert frames and make better movies.

Picture Size.
Samsung D5000’s Picture Size is available in the following; 16:9 / WideZoom / Zoom / 4:3 / Screen Fit / Smart View1 / Smart View 2. You can choose from the P. Size button at the bottom of the remote.
The main mode is used for 16:9 and Screen Fit (or Just Scan as we know well). The Wide Zoom and Zoom mode will see 2.35: 1 reduces the black bars at the top - down below.

Picture Mode.
Samsung D5000 has several modes to choose from as well; Standard / Natural / Movie / Dynamic. Each model is uniquely different pictures. Let P. Mode button at the bottom of the remote to each test image. Depending on your preferences. Standard mode is the best.
Motion Plus.
Samsung 46D5000 has Clear Motion Rate 100Hz system(in the Menu will be called LED Motion Plus). We can choose 2 level On or Off. If you select "On" will be inserted into the frame to make the images more smoothly.

Test images.
Test results from a Blu-ray and HD Player The image out of "soft" color, not too spicy. Image detail is quite good. Noise Control-dimensional images have good done as well. If anyone would like a fresh color; Simply adjust the picture mode to Dynamic.

Testing with Play Station 3.
Now try connecting to the PS3 through the HDMI output to test the color of the images and Input Lag. We tested the game is Winning Eleven. The result is a fresh, colorful images that fair detail the Bright. Input Lag is not to be seen. Apart from the two above, I also noticed that it is good to see a Ghost or shadows.

Free TV Test.
Samsung 46D5000 connected to the DTV box via the AV. Although the screen size of 46 "is quite large, however, the picture came out very little Noise. Shows that Samsung has Digital Noise Filter reduces noise very well.

Samsung D5000 to output 10 Watts 2 speakers, a sound system with SRS TruSurround HD sound, which is surrounded in all directions. Testing watching movies, listening to music, the sound of Samsung 46D5000 remained sharp, good sound clarity.
Sound mode have a 5 Mode to choose such as Standard / Music / Movie / Clear Voice / Amplify selected based on your preferences and needs.

USB connector has two slots, USB 1 supports the External HDD and USB. But another one can support for USB only. It can play video files, music, videos and movies in High Def.
The files can be played from the External HDD and can not.
  • Support:: mkv / vob / tp / ts.
  • Does not support:: dat / iso.
Note: Support for mkv files, but there could be problems with some audio or may be no sound.

PIP : Picture in Picture.
Many brands dropped it. But Samsung does not cut it. it’s very useful if you need. I can see High Def Movie and can see Free TV from the small window. Good work. You can adjust the Option of the PIP. For example, you can choose the audio output to main channel or small channel, the size and location of the thumbnail, etc.,

Energy Saving.
There are 5 levels to choose from include: Off / Low / Medium / High and Picture Off (only photos close but sound still open).

  1. Design Ultra Slim, pretty slim, sleek and stylish.
  2. Affordable for those who do not want to many Feature, a focus on LED TV screen and Full HD resolution.
  3. colorful soft, good detail and depth dimensions.
  4. Picture (PIP), can watch High Def movies and TV together.
  1. Not enough Bright picture when compared to the glass screen TV.
  2. Not suitable for people like TV with more features such as no Internet.
As I mentioned above that the various functions may be appropriate for some people. However, some people may want to just Modern design  and with a Only slightly Feature. The Samsung D5000 is the right choice, the unique design of the Ultra Slim, Part of the Ultra Clear Panel screen glare, providing a colorful soft, deep dimension and saving price.
The Samsung D5000 LED TV
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