Samsung has unveiled a new breed of Super OLED TV and the new Smart TV is installed with the Camera.

Samsung; Super OLED TV and Smart TV Built-in camera.

Samsung CES 2012

May be too late for us to talk about the CES 2012. But we have to say anyway and a summary of the new technology on the Samsung TV. This year 2012, the Samsung also unveiled the Super OLED TV 55 "with a slim which includes slim of the body (only 0.3 inches thin), and the frame. The Samsung has announced that they are a leader in OLED technology, which is achieved with the use of OLED display phone, the Samsung Smart Phone Galaxy SII.

Samsung claims that the Super OLED TV uses Pixel RGB, can cause the light, color by itself(unlike LCD TV to use the Backlight and Color Filter) can convey an image sharper than the lighter and colorful than ordinary TV and It is certainly the future of TV.

The Smart TV, LED TV and Plasma TV, it has improved the look of the interface and applications and provide a more complete. Development, we will clearly see the LED TV and Plasma TV Top version that are a feature called "Smart Interaction" by the "camera with microphone" Built-In at the top of Body to activate the Voice Control and Gesture Control TV. If you compare Gesture Control, it is similar to Microsoft Kinect for XBOX 360.


If you can not imagine that the hand moves to the left. It is the position of the arrow.(Similar to the mouse) to the left, etc. If your hands contaminated food to eat during TV viewing and you want to change the channel. The Voice Control is also available. For example, we say that "Channel 7", the microphone of the TV command and processing will change the TV to channel 7 automatically. That’s great!!  Including, "Face Recognition" to the TV can recognize faces, each family member to gain access to content in private with the Smart Hub. Wow!

The imaging technology, 3D LED TV and 3D Plasma TV; middle to the top versions will get the second Active Glasses and upgrading the system processor chips using "Dual Core" to play in the Smart Hub function more smoothly. The LED TV is still using Edge LED as it was in the top of Series 8000 and 7500 will be a function Micro Dimming Plus (Local Dimming) to give the image more black inky.
This is a summary of the latest technology from Samsung which we found very interesting.

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