Samsung UN55ES8000 Smart TV Review

Review Samsung UN55ES8000 Smart TV Smart Future.

Review Samsung UN55ES8000 Smart TV Smart Future.

Samsung UN55S8000 smart design.

The design of the Samsung UN55ES8000 with the success of the concept that it is a "One Design" or the design for the TV is slim, chrome and blend into one single screen. Benefits in terms of quality of the image is in the frame is smaller. Images from the TV screen, it seems nothing can block the visual clutter. It is like floating on air. If a white wall as a backdrop, it would certainly be pretty satisfied.

Below the middle of the screen with the logo "Samsung" glow white, , Indicator on- off. The above is "Built-In Camera" with a microphone mounted on the machine. While the set of "Arch Flow Stand" is designed to sway even more. The curves of the U-shaped stand in line with a slim bezel design well. I tried turning off the TV screen, which uses an Ultra Clear Panel is a glossy black. In the off-screen to make it look beautiful again. Luxury items like furniture, home decorating, Amazing!

However, I would complain a bit that the modern design of this stand , It can’t be rotated left and right – like as younger generation Series 7500. But in most cases, big screen TV with 55 "or 60" is big enough to hold the view in the viewing angle is wide, so it does not have much impact.

Samsung UN55S8000 Picture Performance.

Picture Mode has four main modes, including with Dynamic / Standard / Natural / Movie. Dynamic mode is the brightest, most colorful, the color temperature is a cool tone, the picture is a very juicy, but may not be suitable for use in the home. Movie mode is the mode that we "recommend" to watch the great, colorful, quite correctly, more natural-colored eyes.

Another one is auxiliary. "The gloss of the screen" from the Ultra Clear Panel, as well as enhance the depth of the image stand out more, the character portrayed by Samsung is a clear identity.

Picture Size, You can press the button "P.Size" at the bottom of the remote to adjust the image on the fly. The ratio of the image, I would suggest if you want to watch movies in HD or Blu-ray is Screen Fit (1:1 Pixel Mathcing) complete picture of all the pixels, no crop top, bottom, and sides disappears. While watching normally TV channel or cable TV, recommended to 16:9.

Buy 3D movie online Journey 2 The Mysterious Island Review
2D Picture test, I would try a new Blu-ray “JOURNEY 2 : The Mysterious Island” that I recently purchased from Amazon, which starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, former professional wrestler from the WWE. In the wild forest, the colors are beautiful, green leaves of the tree is juicy and good. Not too bright and not natural such as mode of Dynamic Mode.

Compared to the "TV" as an "intermediary" in the transfer of images from the movie the director wanted to convey to us to watch and touch, we can assume that 55ES8000 pass. The team with the feeling of moisture: moist amidst greeneries. The glossy screen Ultra Clear Panel allows the dimensions of the image in the background and deep one. Meanwhile, it also enhances the character and object, there is one more tangible, it will tear the dimension of the image that extends far beyond the original one.

If I imply that the general 3-D TV is "forced" to objects and scenes. "Floated out to us". This 2D image of Samsung ES8000 to do better--on the other hand, that it can "draw" us to "penetrate" into the dimension of the image!! In addition, the design "One Design" ultra-thin bezel that makes the full picture of this screen are satisfied. It floats on the air again. We accept that if you see this movie on TV in the same price, the Samsung 55ES8000 picture can make a profound sense of "wow" as much as possible!

Have noted that if open the Motion Plus, a future supplement "Insert Frame" to the smooth panning and image dimensions of the object and the background will be more pronounced. The result is a Journey 2D image of this will slip into a 3D image without glasses (But personally I like the "off", it's more natural).

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3D test, Samsung UN55ES8000 3D technology is Active, Active glasses and a new design, with the sync Bleutooth signal, which is the precise and comprehensive than Infrared, supports 3D formats such as Framepacking, Side by Side (Left Right), and Top Bottom, including the ability to convert 2D images into 3D (2D to 3D Conversion).

The 3D image quality that is above average to very good, compared with the 55C8000 3D LED TV a pioneer version is considered of Crosstalk or less overlap enough. The depth of the image is good, has weight, object and character feel that it is more tangible. The 3D features like 3D Perspective and 3D Depth is provide a floating-dimensional images than the default. But from I try to watch that the Default is the default value 0 in 3D Perspective, it have balance both dimensions, the image must be a comfort to watch,

Smart TV 2012
This year Samsung is continuing development of the Smart TV is a step too far. The concept including the main three subject such as
  1. Smart Interaction: voice commands, gestures, and facial recognition.
  2. Smart Content: many applications and appropriate with Lifestyle for the whole family.
  3. Smart Evolution: You can upgrade your TV in the next year, so its not outdated.
We will discuss this feature Smart Interaction that Samsung is trying to promote this feature.
  • Motion Control :: motion commands with gestures, which command with a "hand" as well. The TV "Built-In" camera to act as a "Sensor" will capture the user's body, the principle is similar to the Kinect camera to capture the gestures and the TV is always a response to our motion. The most tangible benefit of the Motion Control For example, imagine that if I lost the remote control. Control applications with "bare hands" This is extremely useful, may be said that not having to rely on the remote. I am not saying that it's super easy to use. But you will need to try it for a while, you will become familiar and use it well.
  • Voice Recognition: Just say "HI TV" to enable or disable the Voice Control. After that there will be "The series of menu commands" on the bottom. We do not need to remember those commands. Because it is the word that we need to say anything to run it. We can voice by speaking directly to the "TV" or the "remote in" Samsung's another one. The full benefit is that if the "hand" dirty with food or dessert. You do not want to touch the remote. The use of "voice" of the TV is a very smart solution.
  • Face Recognition : We had a problem like this we’ll to log in on Facebook or Twitter, We will have to key Username and Password with TV remote, which is annoying and fussy until completed. However, this problem will go away with a "Face Recognition", or Login system with a face by a versatile Built-In Camera.
Review Samsung UN55ES8000 3D LED Smart TV Smart Future.
Samsung Remote: If you do use mobile phones as Smart Phone with Android, it can be loaded with Samsung Remote application installed on the Phone to control Smart TV. Also Samsung Remote can be used as a joystick to control game.

Sound Quality: Samsung UN55ES8000 the speaker sound system with 10 +10 Watts Design Speaker Down Firing Speaker. Sound Mode have Standard / Music / Movie / Clear Voice / Amplify. Overall sound quality is only moderate. Because the TV is slim at best, to squeeze the space for the driver to the built-in speakers.


2D Picture
3D Picture

The outstanding that I have noticed from the Samsung Smart TV UN 55ES8000 is good image dimension, color is fresh, color is shiny juicy shine, I dare say that the 2D picture it acts like 3D picture, can pull the mood of the audience to a virtual "Penetrate inside the TV screen". The most intelligent features such as Smart Interaction of voice commands and gestures increase the utility to control our TV screens.
Instructions to use.
  • General room lighting to control light. TV is better to light growlingly
  • Vertical viewing angle 90 degrees, clear, accurate and precise as possible.

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