Samsung UN55D8000 Calibration+Picture Setup.

The our review of the Samsung UN55D8000 have received tremendous attention. It is the best design we've ever seen. I see many people walking through it, and then stopping to look and be amazed on the delicate shape of it.
After trying for some time, I found "Psychological Effect" of the UN55D8000 TV has a very thin edge, we feel that it's more powerful images from the screen. Are clear and striking up a whole new level. Like it's floating on air with no frame.
Web Browser to access various Web sites can be considered "complete" in a very satisfactory.Choose a Tab control commands or Cursor (the mouse).
Supports Flash and Java script.

Samsung 55D8000 calibration

In fact, if you have a Tablet and Smart Phone and Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Tab,you can download Apps to your phone is Samsung Smart TV remote control as well. And I believe that the near future, Smart TV, which can be up or load the firmware Apps to play more, it is vital to daily life in the "comparable" to the Smart Phone at this time.

Samsung UN55D8000 Calibration Table.

Picture Setting Calibrated and Picture setting
Picture menu Movie
Backlight 10
Contrast 96
Brightness 51
Sharpness 0
Color 47
Tint G5o/R5o
Picture options submenu:
Color tone Warm2
Digital Noise Filter Off
MPEG Noise Filter Off
Film mode Off
Auto motion plus Custom
Custom settings:
Blur reduction 10
Judder reduction 0
Smart LED Standard
Cinema Black On
Advanced setting submenu:
Edge enhancement Off
Motion Lighting Off
LED Motion Plus Cinema
Gamma -1
Black tone Off
Expert Pattern Off
Dynamic Contrast Off

Calibration and Picture Setting Software.


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    Thanks for your comment on my site, I'm interested in playing games through 55″ D8000 HDTV that connect via hi power gaming laptop. I never try to play on HDTV and it would be nice if you will tell us about 3D gaming experience on your HDTV which is connect from 3D gaming laptop such as Toshiba Qosmio X770. nice a funny day.


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