Review Samsung 40D6600 3D LED TV; Inspiring images,sound and features.

Review Samsung 40D6600 3D LED TV.

40d6600_samsung lcd hdtv review
Current technology 3-D TV does not disappear in 2011. Many brands have turned to RSS technology that supports Internet TV, without abandoning the 3D technology. One of the market, the Samsung opportunistic launched "Samsung Smart TV", which can be connected to the Internet and play the Apps loaded on to a more perfect ..Samsung D6600 is a 32 ", 40", 46 ", 55" and 60 "we come in contact with each point of the Samsung stand out in the 2011's by one point.

"Design" Samsung 40D6600 is designed framework to "slim down" and "seamless."Between the screen and bezel, Harmonious design is the "one" into the crystal clear, adding luxury to the D6600.In concept design, the Samsung is a "One Design" with a slim 12 mm, exclusive of the Samsung (diff from D8000 and D7000 have the slim frame, 5 mm). Screen, can be observed as deep black. The square base of tightly connected to the TV with Crystal Clear, feel stronger and more durable than the four lobes of the squid Series D7000, D8000, which would make sense to Premium.
samsung_ua40d6600_samsung lcd hdtv review

Samsung_40D6600 .11 samsung lcd hdtv review

Samsung_40D6600 screen samsung lcdhdtvreview

"Design" of a 3D glasses. Active Shutter Glasses model SSC-3100GB, It was one of the boxes. The battery pack is a lightweight, more durable. A Bluetooth transceiver, which is better than the original Infrared. The remote can turn the "light" on the keypad will glow.For the audience to turn off the light for watch TV.

Samsung_40D6600 glasses

Features an image of "Samsung 40D6600" screen features a Full HD 2-megapixel resolution, 1920x1080. Smart chips 3D HyperReal Engine delivers realistic and can support all Content 3D format. Backlight with an Edge LED TV. and functions 2D to 3D Conversion to convert 2D to 3D, no problems about 3D content and Clear Motion Rate 400Hz.

Aspect Ratio: Picture Size.
Samsung 40D6600 are many aspect ratios to choose: 16:9 / Wide Zoom / Zoom / 4:3 / Screen Fit / Smart View 1 / Smart View 2. I suggest using the Screen Fit, or as we know it in Just Scan picture will show all detailed.

Motion Plus.
Samsung 40D6600 has Clear Motion Rate 400Hz system( in Menu call “Motion Plus”) to help the animation is smooth and has a 3 sector to choose-Clear / Standard / Smooth and Custom. The Blur and Judder can be adjusted manually.
we tested the “Content” by opening the Motion Plus Content is divided into two parts at different levels between the movement of the "scene" with "objects".
Motion Plus Scene Objects
Clear jiggle jiggle
Standard Little jiggle Little jiggle
Smooth flow, smooth Little jiggle
Personally, we recommend turning “off” for watching movies or free TV. For movies with a lot of action scene or a cartoon Animation turn it into "Clear". Because of the high level of Motion Plus will look like a dummy. Cause numb head.[The movie is mostly dark scenes, Dynamic Contrast on Low-Medium levels can help.]

Test 3D / 2D / 2D to 3D.
3D Quality: Samsung 40D6600 capable of displaying 3D perfectly. In various forms, including 1) Framepack (Blu-ray disc) 2) Side by Side 3) Top and Bottom and 2D-3D, which is the strength of Samsung since 2010.

CloudyWithAChanceOfMeatballs samsung review

we started the 3D Framepack on “Cloudy with A Chance of Meat Ball”. When the glasses are connected to the TV. I noticed the dimensions of the image. Compared with Samsung in 2010, this year has improved a lot. I had to sort of highlight that I was much better.
  1. the overlap of the image (Crosstalk) decreased significantly.
  2. Light and color of the image better.
  3. good dimensional images.
Finally, not about the image but but it's Samsung’s Active Shutter Glasses glasses that using the Bluetooth connected to the TV instead the Infrared; make the connection more stable. I try to walk around  40D6600 signals have not been lost.

I try to change the 3D movie viewing 2D. It provides a sharp picture and still have the dimensions. If we increase the level of Clear Motion pictures are even more dimensions.
For some readers who do not know and may worry about what to do if there is no Content 3D. No problem, Samsung 40D6600 has function that can convert 2D into 3D. The signal from TV antenna, DVD player or AV connector and HDMI connector can be converted to a 3D.Chill-Chill. it is considered quite good.

If a picture is not pleasing to the audience, you can adjust the depth of the image or the image depth (Depth). recommended adjust to middle the picture is a "good". If the heavy (High) The deeper it's true, but if you watch TV for a long time to make you numb head.
Adjust the depth of the image can be adjusted through 10 levels and available to convert 2D into 3D only (The 3D image can not be adjusted). recommended level of 4-6 is sufficient.

2D Quality: 2D images are the highlights of the Samsung. For the year 2011, personally I think that the "brightness" of the image decreases, compared to the year 2010, the C6200. But the "Details of the picture" is even better.
And for watching movies 2D. I suggest that setting Motion Plus to the level of “Clear” increase the dimensions of the image better.

Sound Quality: Samsung D6600 has 2 speakers with the RMS 10 Watts, with 3D Sound audio system that allows 3-D surround sound from movies,game and more.
Sound Mode with 5 styles; Standard / Music / Movie / Clear Voice / Amplify You can choose according to your likes and needs. I listen to music “ I'm yours” via the USB and listen from Blu-ray. Select the Sound mode is “music”. Overall, the sound "better than expected". Sound clarity and deep bass. Until the other teams think that we are testing a home theater!!
  • SRS TruSurround HD:surround sound
  • SRS TruDialog: help clear voice conversations.
Samsung SMART TV.
The end of highlights of the Samsung in this year is very focused on SMART TV or a TV that can connect to the Internet. “SMART TV” TV by Samsung is all connected through a "SMART HUB" intelligent entertainment center. Samsung D6600 has a function equivalent to the D8000.
Samsung D6600's Internet connection to connect the two with both Wired (Wireless LAN) and Wireless (Wireless for Samsung D6600 will has WiFi Built-in). The connection is not difficult. Click OK, so it ends. If do not, try the E-Manual is a way to tell in detail as well.

Samsung_40D6600 remote


When the "Connect" icon, the first major update to the Apps.We just press OK, then wait. The other more desirable. you can connect to the Download. While waiting to load Apps, I loaded the Apps Remote of Samsung into IPhone4. Application "Samsung Remote" The Touch Control is similar to C9000 years ago. In Apps Remote has a QWERTY, type on Web Browser more easily than the supplied remote control.

  1. Good design and slim. Very impressive.
  2. SMART TV Apps functions are available in many content and can support various files, video and Web Browser.
  3. Internet connections can be connected to either. Wired and wireless, Built-in WiFi and not need USB WiFi Dongle to waste money and connectors.
  4. Function of 2D into 3D will not miss all the input 3D images.
  5. When connected to a TV, a message appears display to show status such as the opening image is a3D, glasses, connected to the TV.
  6. USB, External HDD (only USB 1) and can play every format, such as 3D, MKV, tp, ts.
  1. The flashing glasses, Need to control light.
  2. Image is darker.If the 3D glasses in the tilt[If you tilt the head to watch TV.]
  3. The glasses require batteries. I have recommended to buy a 2-3 pack before the movie is fun.
We decide that Samsung 40D6600 "enough to use it for everything." For question, What is more if you buy a Hi-End model than this. The answer is that beauty and function, Clear Motion Rate added to it.

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29 Responses to “Review Samsung 40D6600 3D LED TV; Inspiring images,sound and features.”

  1. Very well written. As someone who occasionally withdraws from society to enjoy the finer things in life, I can say 'spot on!' For those of us who understand the point made by this article, we appreciate the value of breaking free from the closed-minded, fearful, materialistic people who have made such negative comments as these.

  2. Today, I bought this one D6600 and eagerly waiting for. Like this article and came to know more fundas.

  3. Nice review, Thanks for posting.

    I purchased the 40" 6600 in the weekend. Its sensational. All functions worked out of the box. I bought it mainly for the DLNA & wireless support which works perfectly. I'd previously been streaming media from my NetGear ReadyNAS to my PS3 to the TV. But no more the wireless streaming worked perfectly, no jitter - superb!

    I'm looking to replace the living room TV with a Series 8 now.
    You won't regret that capability of the TV especially of you want to stream media.


  4. can i watch the 3d movies using the flash memory

  5. I bought my 6600 December last year and noticed something. There is a thin about 1 inch line athe very bottom of the screen that blurs when viewing movies etc. I went back to the shop and the display units did the same (same, 6600 model, same Bly Ray Movie, same Samsung Bly Ray player etc.)

    Have any of you experienced this? Even with the Clear motion I still see the picture blur when there are fast moving scenes or especially around a person's clothing on the screen.

  6. Hi
    I recommended that you customize to Picture Size==>Screen Fit or Just Scan. Description of the picture is displayed perfectly.

    Picture blur Problem, I recommend the "off" the Motion Plus for movies or sports, for Cartoon Animation turn on the "Clear". The Motion Plus is a high-level picture is deceptive or bedazzle.
    hope this helps

  7. Hi sorry for respond slowly.

    Sure, You can watch the 3d movies through flash memory or USB. It may be a problem on Subtitle is not supported. However, the problem can be solved by updating the firmware.

  8. How is this Samsung 40D6600 compared to LG 42LW5700?

  9. @ nutrigrace
    Depending on your needs.
    3D; LG is better than Samsung because LG use Passive Shutter Glasses which is good for your eyes. Samsung’s Active Shutter Glasses. If you're watch movie 3D more than an hour, you will have dizziness. overall 3D LG better.

    2D Samsung be better, Samsung is very effective in this regard.

    Apps and Smart Feature; Can not deny that Samsung is a leader in smart TV, more apps and steam service content.

    Other Feature; Samsung can compatible with all movie formats, LG can't not.
    Price; Samsung expensive than LG.

    If you ask me that What do I choose? I will choose Samsung 40D6600 because I not focused on 3D.

  10. Thank you for a great article. How do you connect to the internet with the Samsung? Do you have to have WiFi in your home or are you able to connect via your phone modem / USB modem / wirelessly via your PC?

  11. Hi friend;
    I try to connect internet with Samsung, which is speed of the connection depends on the frequency of Internet service providers.
    It's not takes a long time for download apps from smart hub, The connection via mobile phone or iPhone is very simple. but I have not test about wireless.

    You can connect your computer via HDMI to RGB as well and resolution up to 1920 x 1080.

  12. Compare to sony is it better?
    What price u guys bought this? D6600
    Thank you in advance.

  13. Hi, Friend. samsung and sony so many different color tones.
    If you compared Samsung with Sony
    I may be to short compared Sony 46 NX720, follow score review below:
    - Picture = 8.75
    - Design = 9.5
    - Sound = 8.0
    - Connectivity = 8.25
    - Extra = 8.5
    - Value = 7.5
    Overall = 8.4 score.
    Price about $ 899
    samsung 46D6600
    - Picture = 8.0
    - Design = 8.5
    - Sound = 8.0
    - Connectivity = 8.75
    - Extra = 9.25
    - Value = 7.5
    Overall = 8.3
    Sorry, I'm not sure for samsung 46D6600 last price may be about $1548.

    3D Performance: Always the same. But Sony may be darker.

    Hope This help.

  14. Hi.. I want to buy this led tv samsung 6600 I just want to know can I run website of live tv... Like we do on laptop... Plz reply as I want to buy.. Thanks

  15. Hi. sorry for my late answer.
    yes, you can run any web what you want. but Speed ​​and load depending on the speed of your Internet service provider in your country.

  16. which is a better led D6600 or D7000. Value for money

  17. The quality of 3D, I think it is no different. But that's different is the Motionflow (D6600: 400Hz/ D7000: 800Hz)and Panal. If you looking for LED, which best value for money, I'm cheer D6600

  18. is sony led tv better or samsung smart tv???

  19. Hi Bhanuj Chaudhary
    Depending on your individual preferences, someone like sony; someone may be like samsung. Before you buy should be tested that you want. Now, Samsung has a new technology for smart tv.This could be your favorite.

  20. sir i also want to ask that is samsung 40D6000 is better or samsung 40D6600 is better

    i have read 40D6600 has built in wifi what does it mean??
    i have a seperate wifi connection plz explain

    it also has 3d converter
    what does it mean??

    please answer shortly and in detail
    i will be thankful to u and eagerly waiting for your reply

  21. Hi Bhanuj

    I think that D6600 is better. built-in wifi; that mean D6600 can connect wifi by its-self so it is features that provide convenience to the user who had not separate wifi.
    3D converter is mean this feature will convert 2D to 3D such as movies, free TV, or game.

  22. Can I use my Smasung mobile as a keyboard for browsing

  23. Yes, you can use your smart phone with samsung d6600.

  24. what am I supposed to do use my mobile as remote? In Panasonic they talk about swipe function, is same function available in D6600 also ?

  25. Hi Parry
    Just you download "Samsung Remote" on your smart phone. Application "Samsung Remote" using the Touch Control is similar to C9000, and with QWERTY. I think about the swipe function not available in the D6600.

  26. Hi

    I need to know few things
    1. what is the speed of its WiFi card is it N-series or G series ..?
    I face problem while watching videos n browsing on internet through WiFi it takes too many time (I am using 300Mbps WiFi router)
    2. what is its latest firmware and is it better then old one or any other benefit...?

    1. Hi Abdul Monam
      sorry for delay, My answer is;
      1. Standard: 802.11g
      Band: 2.4GHz
      Speed: 54Mbps, or 108 Mbps
      The problem with G is not so much that it is too slow (56Mbps for wireless is pretty respectable) but that it shares a wireless band with many common devices that cause considerable interference. For example, most cell phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth, and microwaves share the 2.4GHz band.
      For N series:......Wireless N claims "real world" speeds of 130-160Mbps, with a listed maximum of 300Mbps. As far as the wireless band goes, 802.11n devices can operate on 2.4 or 5GHz bands. However, to use 5GHz all connected devices must be 802.11n compliant. Note, too, the 5GHz band will significantly decrease the maximum range. The tradeoff is that there will be much less interference, although 5GHz is less effective at penetrating concrete and brick walls.
      In my opinion I think the N series is the standard equipment. It has a more stable than new system such as G series. So I think that the N series is the right choice.

      2. The latest firmware is 1023.0 version Upgrade File(USB type,All) Benefits to be received; It can support more file types or fix problems with USB.
      link to update

  27. First of all, then you for the amazing effort you are butting into this.
    Secondly, I just want to ask about the time machine feature in LG, is it available also in Samsung TV’s? And if not is there is a way to get this future in Samsung by downloading software or something?

    Thank you.


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