The Best Picture setting for Samsung LNC630


This is How to the best picture and calibration setting for Samsung LNC630, this include : Samsung LN40C630,Samsung LN55C630 and Samsung LN60C630 series. You can either use these setting, or pay someone to come in and calibrate it for you. While our setting are close to perfect, they might not be ideal for your viewing environment. We’ve provided the liste below.

1. Picture Mode ==> Movie mode setting

Setting Calibrated
Picture Mode Movie
Backlight 20
Sharpness 0
Contrast 94
Digital Noise Filter Off
MPEG Noise Filter Off
Auto Mition Plus 120Hz Off
Color 48
Brightness 45

2. Advanced setting submenu
Black Tone  = Off
Dynamic Contrast  = Off
Shadow Detail  = +1
Gamma  = +2
Expert Pattern  = Off
RGB Only Mode  = Off
Color space  = Custom
LED Motion Plus  = Off
Edge Enhancement  = Off LN46C630 setting LN46C630 setting.1

3. Picture Options submenu
Color Tone  = Warm 2
Size  = Screen Fit
HDMI Black Level  = Normal [grayed out]
Film mode  = Off [grayed out]
Auto Motion Plus  = Custom
Custom setting
Blur Reduction  = 10
Judder Reduction  = 0
Auto Protection Time  = 2 hours

4.Eco Solution submenu
Energy Saving  = Off
Eco Sensor  = Off
No Signal Power Off  = Off

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