The Best Picture and calibration setting in Samsung UNC8000


This is the best picture and calibration setting for Samsung UNC8000 series include : Samsung UN46C8000, Samsung UN55C8000 and Samsung UN65C8000. The Samsung UNC8000 series have a lot of options that don’t necessarily improve picture quality. I turn
most of these off, are detailed below.

Setting Menu Default Calibration
Picture Mode Movie Movie
Backlight 10 20
Contrast 95 95
Brightness 45 42
Sharpness 20 0
Smart LED Standard Off
Digital Noise Filter Auto Off
MPEG Noise Filter Auto Off
Auto Motion Plus 240 Hz Standard Off
Color Tone Warm2 Warm 2
Eco Solutions Off Off

Advanced Setting Submenu

Black Tone Off
Dynamic contrast Off
Gamma 0
Color space Auto
Flesh Tone 0
Edge enhancement Off
xvYCC Off
LED Motion Plus Off

White Balance submenu

R-Offset  =  25
G-Offset  = 23
B-Offset  = 25
R-Gain    = 25
G-Gain    = 25
B-Gain     = 19

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