Elegant 3D Smart TV Samsung UN55D8000 LED TV Review.

Samsung un55D8000 3D LED TV in the concept of "Smart TV".

Into the world, and social TV immediately.

While other TVs brands still commitment development of LCD TV technology to be LED TV. But Samsung is taking advantage of a "leader" launched a comprehensive 3D Total Solution; Launches 3-D full line of LED TV / LCD TV / Plasma TV / Blu-ray / Home Theater.

Samsung's new concept in addition to 3-D technology, which is "Samsung Smart TV" that turns your TV into a true entertainment center with Internet connectivity can load and play a variety of Contents and Apps.
The Samsung UNXXD8000 series includes; UN46D8000, UN55D8000[Reviewed], UN60D8000 and UN65D8000. All have the same dimensions and specifications according to the manufacturer should offer similar picture quality.

Samsung-UN46D8000 samsunglcdhdreview

Samsung 55D8000 Design.
Samsung 55D8000 is the best top model in the first half years. Not surprisingly, the design is pretty unique models. The design concept is called "One Design" is a unique new design of the Samsung TV to "slim down" and "seamless" between the Panel and the edges of the screen, smooth seamless harmony. The thickness of the frame, it is only 5mm. that "the thinnest" I have ever seen before.
Brushed Aluminium frame material is better than the plastic frame is huge. The Samsung logo is featured as a glow, Feels very premium. The stand is a "Stand 4 Jagged edge." Overall, whether desktop or hang it as elegant!!.
Remote control with LED Backlight and buttons that make it more convenient to use. The designs look a bit ordinary.I am impressed with press button the "Lamp" for LED Backlight to glow. no problems when used in the dark.
Free 3D glasses/ 1 glasses (in TV Box), the SSG-3100GB has lightweight and comfortable. Using a Bluetooth transceiver, which is better than the original Infrared.
samsung-ua55d8000-samsung lcd tv review

Samsung 55D8000 Function.

First, I permit review functions Smart TV. The Smart TV, it would mean that a TV can be connected to the Internet to view or play content online. The connection is through the function "Smart Hub" intelligent entertainment center, which is the start of the online world consists of 5 major sub-menu;
  1. Samsung TV Apps:: Application download and play unlimited via TV App Store.
  2. Search All:: function "search" for the video and images, just type it into the Keyword search results from YouTube, Picasa, and others together at once.
  3. Your Video:: the movies cover so that we can click to see examples. Or even really a movie about a Video on Demand/rating/ behind the scenes/ preview of that movies.[Available in some countries].
  4. Social TV:: you can chat online or to share in the society. Facebook / Twitter / Google Talk.
  5. Web Browser:: surfing internet and follow "sites" via Web Browser freely.
For the Internet connection is done two ways: 1. Wired (wireless Lan) 2. Wireless (Wi-Fi has a built-in Wireless Lan Built In). This year, Samsung's unique Smart TV is the Wireless Lan Built In. No need to buy a USB WiFi Dongle addition to wasting money and connector USB.
Samsung 55D8000 Picture.
Specifications of the Samsung 55D8000 3D LED TV is the most prominent resolution is 1920 x 1080 Edge LED Backlight with Micro Pixel Dimming. Powered by image processing chips 3D HyperReal Engine supports the playback real 3D(and Active). And includes the conversion of 2D images into 3D images from any source with Clear Motion Rate 800 rate of coordination of the 3; Chipset / Scanning Backlight / insert frames. Incorporate Provides a smooth animation. Ultra Clear Panel screen is crush the black screen, clear images,vivid colors, deep black level.

Finally, there is technology Cinema Black when we see movie in proportion of 21:9(2.35:1) from a Blu-ray Disc or DVD will have black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Cinema Black will make the blacks bar even further, reducing the area Backlight, light leakage is reduced and saving power.

UA-55-60D8000 samsung lcd tv review.

3D Picture Test.
Key aspects of the UN55D8000 is the ability to play 3D images using Active technology and using Active Glasses.As of 2010, past the 55C8000 is a good 3D image.but It may also have "Crosstalk", or even overlap and enough light drop when playing a 3D image.

This year, the 55D8000 will improve the quality of the picture the better. Crosstalk is reduced to a tangible form. Bright colors, they can maintain it better than the previous version. Dimensional images, it is considered satisfactory. Depth and dimension to the story of the cartoon “Cloudy with A Chance of Meat Ball”. It shows. "The depth of the deep" deep down to the Step Show, " a hierarchy dimension" between the characters and objects. Enhance the viewing experience.

The 3-D glasses, design similar to the original. but sync with Bluetooth, which in the view and the stability of the signal rather than original glasses that is in sync with the Infrared.
The conversion picture 2D to 3D.If this is a HD Content then can be turned into 2D is 3D viewing. Dimensional images that can be said in the impression. Sometimes the team also indistinguishable in some scenes with a real 3D or 2D => 3D Conversion. But of course, if you open the image to animate. The picture is not up or down in the same real 3-D images. Including the depth of the image (Depth) adjustment, which is not much to tweak. Not much to the small or medium for set dimensional image in order to "force fit". If adjusted too high may be confused or numb head.

Convert 2D to 3D in the low-resolution sources such as Analog TV or DVD via the AV connector, it can be done. But not recommended. Because the quality of the source is not good when it was converted into a 3D image to be distorted a bit.
The two-dimensional images, it is the strength of Samsung 55D8000 very "colorful fresh bounce." Be "more perfect" if you give us feedback, it's black, slightly sunken in dark scenes.

Summary Highlights of the Samsung UN55D8000 Smart TV Review.
  • The connection is made ​​from 2-way wireless Lan and WiFi Built In[Great]
  • watching TV and playing Facebook / Twitter at the same time. Most of the other TV do not.
  • Samsung Apps with the Apps to download increased a lot "most" for television in2011.
  • Web Browser is fully compatible with Flash and java Script to display very rich.
  • With "Search" (Search All) Smart TV, which no on other brands.
  • 3D image quality has improved significantly, reducing Crosstalk
  • 2D image is full color, a fresh bounce. Impressive.
  • “One Design” to design the TV and the slim: very worthy and luxurious.
  • Component and AV port must use the Adapter.
  • Function Micro Pixel Dimming (Local Dimming) may also not a lot. Still has a light leak.should be adjusting Backlight levels by hand.
  • Remote control may be a little difficult to type letters.[if it not Touch Screen D8000 version in America].
If you are looking for the "Best TV" that respond to both. "Appearance" and "internal state" I would recommend the Samsung 55D8000 Series!

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8 Responses to “Elegant 3D Smart TV Samsung UN55D8000 LED TV Review.”

  1. Thanks so much for all the great info! As a DISH customer/employee I've been looking for the right TV to display my awesome DISH HD service...my old TV was starting to lose that crystal-clear picture and the colors don't quite pop like they used to. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to pick this up! Check out DISH HD free for life here http://goo.gl/bXW9x

  2. Samsung smart TV is the future of next generation TV. This is the best TV from Samsung which will give you awesome function.

  3. I have 2010 version of led tv UN55C8000. how do i get the smart tv and access to smart hub. I have the old internet tv and no web browser

  4. @bluefawn.
    for me samsung UN55C8000 is the better, and get "Most Advanced Technology Award" From Audiophile Videophile magazine.Samsung 3D LED TV C8000 has a Lan cable and a USB port to connect to WiFi Dongle to connect to the Internet.Just as you can get the Samsung Application Apps, which includes a website and an interesting game.
    samsung UN55C8000 does not differ The latest version such as UND8000, You can still use it the next few years.
    But if you want to get new technologies. just bought it.

  5. I have un55D8000, but I have its 2d version, planning to get my hands on the 3d version soon, and um really excited for this.

  6. Of course, I guarantee that you will be excited about the 3D technology of Samsung

  7. Samsung makes good Smart TVs but as an owner of a Samsung 3D TV, I really have to reconsider Samsung TVs' performance. Not only its smart TV interface not user friendly (especially the newly added YouTube app), but also its flickers and inconvenient and uncomfortable 3D glasses overshadows its good smart tv features. I've been a fan of Samsung tvs but now I think I'm going to change over to LG because from what I've experienced, LG makes better 3D TVs with smart tv features as good as samsung's. I think Samsung will have to try a lot harder to catch up with LG now.


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