Samsung LN46B650 LCD HDTV Review.


The good: Reproduces relatively deep black levels, accurate color, drawing dejudder very good quality, wide range of features with Yahoo widgets, network streaming, and integrated into the content, solid connectivity with four HDMI inputs and a PC input, energy efficiency. Although not in the picture quality of Samsung's first order models, the feature-rich, unique serial LNB650 style more than the LCD market.

Cons : expensive, the dark areas tint bluer, advantage of 120Hz hard to discern, glossy screen can cause reflections in bright environments, without S-Video inputs; obvious red color and funky design not for everyone.

Price : $1,349.95    ==> Go to Specail Price.

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Introduce Production

Among the thousands of lines of different Samsung model and variations of features for HDTV in 2009, the series is somewhere between the two LNB650 And much cheaper than LED-based LCD,such as The UNB7000 series, and it costs a bit less than the number of non-LED models LNB750 240Hz, but still commands a premium to entry-level models. Apart from a few hundred dollars, the refresh rate of 120Hz divide to the LNB650 series and LNB750 the series on paper. In person, the LNB650 are very different in style and apparently, the picture quality is a little less impressive, although the difference in Hz has nothing to do with it. The series of LNB650 always produces a very positive image, however, and as usual we enjoyed the introduction setting dejudder in Samsung. Of course, you pay a little more for many functions, but you've always wanted a TV that can provide recipes or monitor your Twitter account, right? All in all LNB650 series is a solid choice for a midrange LCD above, until you can manipulate its unusual appearance and a glossy screen.
The LNB650 series has similar product,the Samsung LNB550 that can give you an idea of how perform of the LNB550 series.The LNB550 series has a contrast ratio significantly lower (70,000:1 vs. 100,000:1) tha LNB650 series, It will probably be brighter screen and black levels. The series also has one less USB input and under no picture in picture(PIP), networking capabilities,and 120Hz refresh rate. For more information, see the comprehensive review of the Samsung LN46B650.

Note Series: We conducted a practical assessment of 46-inch Samsung LN46B650, but this view also applies to three small models of the series: LN40B650 by 40 inches, 37 inches LN37B650 LN32B650 and 32-inch, and more LN55B650 55-inch wide. All dimensions of the series have identical specifications except the size of the screen and share very similar image.


Look like the A650 series from Samsung last year, executives of the LNB650 model 2009 is very different from your normal person LCD glossy black. Touch of society requires a combination of red discoloration along the edges of the image that the screen goes black. We are certainly not fans of the colored, as opposed to the more discreet aspect of the model LNB750, and we are less affected by obtuse-angle "V" on the bottom of the frame. At least the company included a matching stand with glass shelf signature clear stem.


The obutse-angle ”V” shaped botton toward the clear stem,which allows the TV to pivot.
Samsung LNB650 uses the same menu system as last year, this time with red borders, and we still believe that one of the best in the Marketing.large, highly readable text set a against clearly background, occupying almost the entire screen. To move with ease and there is useful explanatory text at the bottom to describe the different selections. The remote is basically same as the last year too, and we are certainly fans - especially since Samsung planted rotation of the scroll wheel. The buttons are large, backlit and easy to distinguish the shape and size, and we liked the dedicated Tool key allows quick access to images and sound modes, the sleep timer, and picturt in picture menu. We did not like the remote glossy black finish, however, which brought together more than his share of tarnish fingerprints after a few minutes.


About the only difference models between Samsung LNB650 and LNB750 series more expensive is the refresh rate. The LNB650 series has the 120Hz refresh rate, while the LNB750 refreshes the screen at 240Hz. The main advantage of higher refresh rates, according to our tests, has improved the resolution of the movement - aka not blured - but the difference with normal program material is almost impossible to appreciate. See Performance for more information.
Samsung has added Yahoo widgets for premium packages including the LNB650 series. Nodules collected information system Internet-powered, called "snippets" in a bar along the bottom of the screen. The model we reviewed came with widgets for stocks, weather, news, Flickr photos, more video from Yahoo, sports, poker, trivia, sudoku, and Twitter,And the closer you are to appear in the near future. For more information, read our full review of Yahoo Widgets. That review was based on our experience with a Samsung UN46B7000, and our impressions of the system LN46B650 are essentially the same, including its slow response time.


Dejudder addition to the above rules, we also enjoyed the myriad of settings on the classic picture, four picture modes that are independently adjustable for each input. There are five color temperature presets enriched with the possibility to pay via a menu each custom white balance, three levels of noise reduction, including an automatic setting, a movie mode to engage 2:3 pull-down (also works with sources 1080i), a series of seven options of gamma menu that affects the progression of the TV from darkness to bright, control Dynamic Contrast thea adjusts the image on the fly, “black tone "control over the details of shadow, and color space control that lets you optimize the color range of Samsung.


We appreciated the three low-power mode, which further reduces energy consumption. Samsung launches in the picture in picture mode, an e-manual on a USB, and also a screenshot of customer service that includes firmware version for when you need to call the company. We're also big fans of the new capacity for 2009, unique among high-definition televisions, to obtain firmware updates via download online rather than going to the website, as was the case before.
The LNB650 serial intend connectivity very good, but not the result of the recent tendency to ignore the S-Video inputs – non its on this TV. The rear panel sprouts three HDMI inputs, two component video inputs (one of which can be sacrificed for composite video, if you need it), one a PC style- VGA input, an RF input for cable and satellite, Ethernet (LAN) and a stereo analog and optical digital audio output. side panel TV has a fourth HDMI, two USB and AV composite-video.


accurate colors in bright display and dejudder personalizable setting are among the highlights of the Samsung LNB650 picture quality, while its black tone areas and blue in black and a glossy screen in bright rooms have been important issuance we have encountered. Overall, however, the LNB650 series is still one of the most performing LCD screens we've tested.
Setup the LNB650 for the first time we chosen the film preset which came closest to our ideal for home cinema in a dark room. Our calibration reduced production of light just to hit our goal 40ftl, increasing the adjustment range to bring out shadow detail and more closely approach our target on 2.2(We have met with an excellent 2.24), and changes in levels of gray. The grayscale adjustment has not been as effective as we would like to see - although the scale varies slightly, especially in dark areas but otherwise the Samsung range of adjustments that work.

Black level: The depth of black delivered by LNB650 was relatively good, but not in the best LCDs we've tested this year. In dark scenes in Chapter 6, for example, when Eastwood's going after the intruder in his garage during the night, areas as lettboxes and black shadows in the room were almost as dark as the Sony screen, but not as deep as the JVC, Samsung LNB750, or a plasma. when he confronts the intruder with his gun, we could make out suitable detail in shadows adjusted down his face and hands, but these areas do not seem as natural as the Sony KDL-V5100, and the LNB750, or the two plasmas, although were a little better on Sony Bravia KDL-XBR9 and JVC.

Color accuracy: In bright scenes the Samsung LNB650 series comes a solid color accuracy, largely thanks to its nearly perfect primary and secondary colors including spot on color decoding. When Father Kowalski approaches Eastwood on his front porch in Chapter 8, the American flag red and blue and the green grass and shrubs in the yard looks almost sumilar to the same color on our screen reference. the priest’s pale skin did not seem to get closer to the lighting on the porch, take a more blue than red at sometimes (an issue that could be the fault of the variance of gray levels), but was still very good overview and better quality than most of the other screens,  and exclusive of Samsung LNB750 and reference. Saturation has also been very good for an LCD display, and bright scenes seemed relatively rich and realistic.


Video processing: Like other 2009 series of Samsung LCDs the LNB650 processing capabilities dejudder controlled with a custom mode that reduces the smoothing effect while preserving the properties antiblurring refresh rate of 120Hz. We obtained the best results by turning 10 in blur reduction and Judder to zeroing. This approach retains the original frame rate of film, when we saw on 1080p/24 - visible  juddery but not hitch of the camera short on the Eastwood’s porch in Chapter 8, which follows in the children run the corner in Chapter 9 - but not artificially smooth or remove these juddery in the movie.With dejudder turned off, or reduction control of vibration reduced to zero in custom mode, the LNB650 also maintained correctly all the films during the bridge of the Intrepid "I Am Legend."

Uniformity: The uniformity LNB650 made relatively strong across the screen comparison with other series. The sides and corners are a little brighter than the center, but there was no evidence of bright spots as we have seen on Sony Bravia KDL-XBR9. From the perspective of all washed at about the same pace of the other screens, even if the color blue slipped in the reversed side more appreciably when saw from one side or of the other.

Bright lighting: Samsung has used the same type of glossy screen as last year, and even found on the LNB750 series, and we're still fans. In lighting room, with windows facing the screen and the overhead lights turn-on, the screen does a good job of preserving black levels in dark areas.However, the compromise is too bright reflections from light sources and other bright objects in the room, like the shirt of this review. These thoughts have been much less discomfort during bright scenes, of course, but the darker scenes have proved a distraction.

Standard Definition: The LNB650 has done an excellent job with standard definition sources, starting with the ability to resolve every line of the DVD format and provide clear details in the grass and stone bridge of our sample. It was the best game of our range to remove jaggies.Noise reduction has also been solid, although the car was less effective than the simple choice between the three manual settings. Samsung has also undertaken 2:3 pull-down properly when we have selected one of the automatic settings of the film.

Geek box

Before color temp (20/80) 6716/6823 Good
After color temp 6457/6490 Good
Before grayscale variation 392 Average
After grayscale variation 107 Average
Color of red (x/y) 0.642/0.329 Good
Color of green 0.291/0.591 Good
Color of blue 0.148/0.059 Good
Overscan 0.0% Good
Defeatable edge enhancement Y Good
480i 2:3 pull-down, 24 fps Pass Good
1080i video resolution Pass Good
1080i film resolution Pass Good

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