Samsung UN46B7000 LCD HDTV Review.


Samsung UN46B7000
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Although its picture quality can't quite live up to the high price, the Samsung UNB7000 series is a technological and design tour de force.
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Samsung ultra-slim LED TV combining amazing image quality, green design and advanced connectivity options that will keep you entertained 24 / 7. It’s boasts of Internet TV can receive content via Yahoo!, Flickr and other online TV widget on the screen. USB 2.0 Video: Multi-Media Center, it is easy to watch movies, view photos and listen to music on your TV. The Samsung LED HDTV UN46B7000 also makes it easy being green with up to 40% less energy than conventional LCD screens.
HDTV become more common - some would say welcome - TV makers go much further to justify the higher price tags. Nobody is going as far as Samsung this year. The company has only one so far to announce a full line of edge-lit LED-based LCDs device, which cost the mint while offering the most advanced technology and design can get - at least until OLED arrives. Each model among the three series of Samsung LED edge-lit LCD range-based measures only 1.2-inch thick, Thanks for the LED lighting system, which is also responsible for the excellent efficiency of the TV. " The series is UNB7000 the middle child in terms of price and features of the three, however, includes buckets of add-ons, many of them interactive, with extensive image adjustment tweakable dejudder A cool new mode. In our performance tests, we found a compromise in image quality compared with the LED system, consistency is posted less-than-perfect and off-angle viewing, with fluctuations in some way divert attention of the backlight. These issues remain the UNB7000 series from earning our highest praise for performance, but in terms of design and functionality of expensive television set a standard that will be hard to beat.



Not only that, these TVs are really very thin? Measuring just 1.2 inches UN46B7000 LCD HDTV at its thickest and tapering even thinner toward the edges of the panel. Samsung offers a special wall built, and if you decide to keep the TV on its stand, the thin plate equally impressive views. From the front of the building is the quarry is a cutting edge thin red border all four sides of the panel, while the outer edge gives a clear look of jewelry. The downside, you can not get red, but apart from the gray 7100 series. The matching stand is lined with red, and a single base keeps the thin panel and transparent grace suspended above the surface. We are appreciate that the pivot allows the TV to either side. Apart from the obvious thickest , LEDs allow for a couple of other design awards. The UN46B7000 runs much cooler than LCDs and plasma TV and others produce a similar amount of light, and the panel itself weighs less than other models.
Samsung has used the similar menu system as last year, although  with red stripes to match the television itself, and we continue to believe that this is one of the best in the business. Big, highly legible text set a transparent background, occupying almost the entire screen. To move with ease, and It’s useful explanatory text on the bottom, and we dug the context-sensitive menu that appears pop-up from time to time provide more options. One cool extra reserved for highly "product-Guide” through a multitude of features on the TV.
The remote is basically the same as last year, Apart of for a new prominence on the back that holds the team click on a flat surface, and we're certainly fans - especially since Samsung planted rotation of the scroll wheel. The buttons are large, backlit and easily depending on the size and shape, and we liked the dedicated “Tools” key that provides quick access to e-manual, picture and sound modes, the sleep timer, and PIP controls in the image. We did not like the remote glossy black finish, however, which keep up more than its share of tarnish fingerprints after a few minutes. The company also includes a small, almost useless in hockey-puck style remote that only volume control,the channel, and power.


we reviewed  LED based LCD before, more recently, the Sony KDL-55XBR8, and Samsung LN46A950, using both local dimming technology, groups of LEDs behind the screen can be dimmed or turned off to achieve those deep, that we all love a lot of blacks. not at all of Samsung the LED based LCD use local dimming, which might be one reason they are not doing as well as local display dimming. and New for 2009, Samsung added widget for Yahoo for its high-end sets including UNB7000 LCD HDTVs series . The module collects information on the Internet powered, called "snippets" in a bar along the bottom of the screen, and each can be activated to reveal the widget for all purposes. The model we reviewed came with widgets for stocks, weather, news, and access to Flickr photos, and we expect more widgets are coming soon. See our full review of Yahoo Widgets for more information.


Other interactive features abound on this UNB700series. And can streaming video, cameras and music via DLNA Certified network connection, and its USB ports that can connect to MP3 players USB memory sticks, digital cameras (which have not tested this feature yet but will update this review when we do). There are also integrated into the "content", such as recipes, games, product-Guide, and a presentation a slide-show of high definition images with music. We went in depth to discuss the type of content last year, which are similar, this time, so for details, see the interactive section of the 2008 review Samsung LN46A750.
You can choose from four aspect ratio modes for HD sources, two of which can move the entire image on the screen horizontally and vertically. As you might expect from a 1080p TV, one of those modes, called to adapt the screen to scale 1080i and 1080p sources directly UNB7000 the pixels of the panel is no overscan - the best option if you see interference on the edge of screen as may be the case with some channels or programs.
We appreciate the three low-power mode, which further reduces energy consumption. Regarding other conveniences, Samsung is launching in the PIP, an e-book manual guide on a USB drive, and also a display of customer service that includes firmware version for when you need to call the company. We're also big fans of the new capacity-for-2009, unique among high-definition televisions, download the firmware directly on the TV rather than going to the website, as it ' was the case before.


In summary, the series has made a UN46B7000 very positive, but some defects prevented from matching the best models we tested, including changes in local dimming-equipped LED based LCD. Despite its relatively deep black levels, the backlight variable declining performance in very dark scenes. We also noticed some problems with consistency, especially in dark scenes, which are probably caused by the system of LED lighting device. That said, we really appreciate color sets precise and personalized dejudder setting.
Black level: Overall UNB7000 Samsung has not well in this category, most other displays in our comparison. This is primarily because the LEDs on the edges of the screen, we call his "blacklight" to avoid confusion, has fluctuated depending on the overall brightness of the scene. In very dark scenes, while the backlight, so the bars of letterbox and shadows, it would dim, while in bright scenes would become brighter. Other displays similar things, but the 7000 series is  apparent and affected more than just absolutely black screen display.
The backlight fluctuation caused to dim areas in darker scenes, which was the biggest drop for the backlight variable. In the opening credits, for example, the moon and the text as "Keanu Reeves," like the stars in the night sky, everything seemed dimmer than the other screen in our comparison, despite the fact that we had equalizer for light to comparison. The effect was so pronounced that the stars were much less visible on UN46B7000 than on the other screen displays, and certainly deteriorate the balance of contrast ratio and "pop" scene.

Product summary

The good: Product relatively deep black levels, accurate color, drawing dejudder very good quality, stylish, with 1.2 inch thick panel, wide range of features with Yahoo widgets, network streaming, and much integrated in the content, energy efficiency extremely.
The Bad: expensive, less consistent than the LCD other poor light, screen brightness varies from program, dark areas in blue, bright screen can cause reflections in bright environments, Red Box No. ' is not for everyone.
The bottom line: Although its image quality can not live at high prices, the series UNB7000 Samsung is a design and technological feat.
  • Product type LCD TV
  • Diagonal Size 46 in - Widescreen
  • Dimensions & Weight Details Panel without stand - 44.5 in x 1.2 in x 27.8 in x 39 lbs , Panel with stand - 44.5 in x 10.8 in x 30.2 in x 49.6 lbs
  • Enclosure Color Black
  • Technology TFT active matrix
  • LCD Backlight Technology LED Backlight technology
  • LED Backlight Type Edge Light
  • Display Format 1080p
  • Refresh Rate 120Hz
  • LCD Pixel Response Time 4 ms
  • Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling)
  • V-Chip Control Yes
  • Connector Type 4 x HDMI ( 19 pin HDMI Type A ) - Rear , 2 x USB 2.0 - Rear , 1 x Component video input ( RCA phono x 3 ) - Rear , 1 x VGA input ( 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15) ) - Rear , 1 x Network ( RJ-45 ) - Rear , 1 x Digital audio output (optical) ( TOSLINK ) - Rear
  • PC Interface VGA (HD-15)
  • Functionality Digital audio playback , Digital video playback
  • Connectivity Protocols USB , IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)
  • Supported Audio Formats MP3

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