Samsung UN46C8000 3D LCD HDTV Review.



  • Product type LCD TV
  • Diagonal Size 46 in - Widescreen
  • Dimensions & Weight Details Panel without stand - 42.9 in x 0.9 in x 26.1 in x 37.5 lbs , Panel with stand - 42.9 in x 10.9 in x 28.5 in x 42.3 lbs
  • Enclosure Color Black
  • Technology TFT active matrix
  • LCD Backlight Technology LED Backlight technology
  • LED Backlight Type Edge Light with local dimming
  • Display Format 1080p
  • Refresh Rate 240Hz
  • 3D Technology Yes
  • Progressive Scan Progressive scanning (line doubling)
  • Additional Features 3D compatible
  • Price $2,799.99==>Go To Specail Price.
  • See more Specifications....
Production Introduce.

The Samsung LED UNC8000: Present the thrill of fun 3D HDTV that improves your life and the picture quality amazing video. Action jumps off the screen with 3D technology for a true immersive visual experience.Internet TV allows you to connect to the best of the web directly to your HDTV, with downloadable and customizable widget - and soon, the Samsung applications. Connect your friends, share photos, online shopping and more. HD LED backlight offers an innovative treatment on a new level of fun, a contrast with our richer and dynamic range, brilliant colors. Breathtaking ultra-thin adds stylish versatility, while an elegant touch of color bezel accent brings both new colors and textures to your decor. Take entertainment than ever.


Samsung has officially withdrawn from the reserve, buttoned black bezel look this year, and UNC8000 series is a shining example. It surrounds the image with a silver frame with burnished edges, clear plastic over a stand that seems ready to animate and analyze your Leggy wall. If you want to brag often that the TV is not fat.the 0.9-inch panel will make you proud. You either love or hate the style of UNC8000, and although we welcome non-compliance, as the reviewer below, we do not like it. The Samsung has a new chrome and round edge remote, which reminds us a candy bar style phone covered. It seems sexy and feels solid - it's a worse pain to use.
The buttons are poorly differentiated divisions of the flat face, and it is impossible to distinguish the feeling. We have always had to look down (away from the TV screen) when you do something more basic commands to navigate the cursor. We trade in this model of a universal remote control in a second. Select Samsung mobile can seemingly control the television, as can the company’s own an optional touch screen remote better control from your TV.

Samsungfullhdreview.blogspot3D hd.1

In addition to the platform renovated Apps, Samsung has not changed its basic menu controls all television. It's a good thing. The graphics are clear, blue highlighted are easy to read and lead, and the response is snappier than last year. text explanations are found for almost all functions.


The UNC8000 uses the backlight first LED-based backlight that can effect various parts of the screen using LEDs arranged along the edge (edge-lit), however behind the LCD element (full set). Samsung calls "precision dimming" See the performance of our impressions and comparisons with other backlighting systems, as well as details on the test 1080p/24. The Samsung include 3D glasses - the $ 350 Starter Kit, available now has two more pairs of the album "Monsters vs. Aliens. Samsung offers rechargeable glasses and a little access for children, like all glasses of the first generation that does not work with other brands, although it works with plasma and Samsung LCD TVs 3D. thirds glass is a matter of time, though. Samsung (Sony and Toshiba) offer to convert 2D-to-3D, Panasonic did not.
Wi-Fi connection, built-in available on top models from Sony and Vizio-TV, is missing on the Samsung. You'll need to buy the USB adapter or use a wireless bridge content. The Samsung aggregate its platform streaming services in major applications, which has a more logical separation between "widgets" and "everything else" used by LG and Sony, and most of them are more important pre-installed. The main exception is Amazon VOD, which takes the form of a Yahoo widget, you must download Yahoo (YouTube widget disappointing last year, and then YouTube has been demolished for a dedicated application). We would like to see even tighter integration like the platform for the application of Vizio, but it's certainly an improvement over last year, when Samsung has seriously delayed behind LG and Sony Panasonic.

Samsungfullhdreview.blogspot3D hd
In the experiment test of each we had no problems with streaming services. The response time and quality audio-video have been through courses with Netflix, Vudu, and Amazon (we have no evidence Blockbuster). We appreciated the fact that the image settings, including custom dejudder are available for streaming video - even if the conversion from 2D to 3D has not been. We have no experiment stream music, photos, videos or via USB or DLNA.
Samsung wants you to think of his platform application very similar to other Apple applications store. The TV version from Samsung is far from today the iPhone version, but they do offer a solid variety of options. Currently, the focus is on games and widgets such as weather and sports information, and key names such as Facebook (this present on platform of Vizio) are missing. On the other hand, we expect Samsung to release updates throughout the year and the company expects a major upgrade in July 2010.
The platform also integrates most of the widgets available in Yahoo previous models, which are accessible from the main menu Apps relatively painless. Widget experience is much, much better than before, because of the load faster response time. Now, the widget tray comes up immediately, and navigate within the widget and a widget itself is a breeze. As previously announced offering Skype on Samsung UNC8000 until you buy the Freetalk TV Camera($ 149). We have tried this service for some time of printing.

3D Experiment.

So where is the source of the 3D material? Good question. We are happy to see more than a dozen titles in 3D on Blu-ray later this year, and perhaps less. There will also be cable or satellite channels 3D before 2011. This could put a damper on sales of 3D. But two manufacturers, Samsung and Toshiba are provides them with a set of 3D features in 2D to 3D conversion. Now you see everything in 3D.
I put shutter 3D glasses on my distance / movie-watching glasses and found them a bit uncomfortable. But after about three hours to watch the series with two pairs of glasses in place, I'm used to them and didn’t found them annoying or distracting. But the reaction may vary depending on the individual. I pop in for a set of 3D shutter glasses prescription if something is available.

I've never had a headache or other adverse physical 3D experience. But it may disturb some buyer. Keep in mind that the physical reactions passive polarized glasses used in cinemas can not translate shutter glasses used at home. I had a one problem. A few minutes of "Monsters vs. Aliens”, the sound cut out and the picture becomes unstable, a bit like a bad video on the Internet. I unplugged the DVD player and inserted in the back, and eliminate the problem. The movie play all the scene thoroughly from beginning to end, plus the extras, not problems. I suspect that the problem is in the DVD player (which worked well on samples of material 2D).
I had low expectations for work of processing. But the work of Samsung Conversion 2D to 3D. I tried on several 2D Blu-ray. The effect is certainly not nearly as dramatic as that offers a true 3D image source, and varies with the program material, but it wasn’t a joke by any means. Also simulated 3D impress many people, not to mention help you sell HDTVs 3D. And more set all there out there, the source of true 3D material we witt get it.
All came too close to our limit for us to achieve our usual scrutiny. Currently, apart from the experience of 3D, the overall performance of UN46C8000 Samsung seems to be excellent. In particular, ther offers a excellent black level and shadow detail, thanks to its new precision dimming function. Look for more details and a complete overhaul of UN46C8000 3D HDTV and the BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray in our July 2010 issue.

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