Samsung UN40D6400 LCD HDTV Review.

Samsung UND6400 LCD HDTV reveiw

Samsung UN40D6400 LCD HDTV Review~ The samsung un40d6400 has good design,It is slim and thin. But there may be disadvantages that are more expensive. which may be a person acceptable to the 3D TV and smart television. In terms of features, the Samsung is offering a full warranty and satisfaction that you will be impressed. It is true that Samsung's announcement advertising or not.

Samsung UN40D6400 Series : This The Samsung series have Samsung UN40D6400(Review), Samsung UN46D6400, Samsung UN55D6400 and Samsung UN60D6400

Samsung UN40D6400 Feature.

Technology : 3D, LED-LCD
Resolution : 1920x1080
Display format : 1080p
Refresh rate : 120 Hz
LED backlight : Edge-lit
3D glasses included : 2 pairs(Active 3D glasses)
Dejudder processing : Active
Support USB H/D

Samsung UN40D6400 Performance.

3D Performance : Easy connectivity between Bluetooth 3D glasses and TV, little crosstalk or still have double images, nice black level. Of course, it might not be good as plasma TV. But it is better if compared with other brand TVs, or even Samsung UNC8000 from 2010.
2D Performance : Nice Feature.Samsung UN40D6400 has strength black level and smooth grayscale.
Black level : Shadow detail is strong, more powerful than the old Samsungs, may be better than the Sony and LG.
Video processing : We have been impressed with video processing. Samsung offer many picture setting such as 10 points Fine Color, Fine dejudder control. Although, it does not have local dimming.But it's not a big problem.
Color Accuracy : There may be weakness on the middle black and dark screen, it still tinged blue.
Bright lighting : Although the Samsung UN40D6400 TV has an advantage on black level but it still has problems with the bright-room. This may be because the screen varnish.

Samsung UND6400 LCD HDTV. smart hub

Internet Feature : Samsung UN40D6400 included app and streaming service into Smart Hub. Unfortunately, doesn’t have Amazon Instant and Web browser. The Smart Hub is the home page for all of applications store and streaming services, it nice designed menu and interface.

Over All
Samsung's UND6400 might be more expensive. But when testing, I found that it is the best 3D TV than Samsung UNC8000 or the other brand at time. It has strength black level, video processing, a lot of feature. If you want 3DTV with a good performance for watch movies, internet or your Xbox and Play 3, The Samsung UN40D6400 will not let you down.

Samsung UN40D6400 LCD Setup and Calibration.

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