Samsung LNC530 HDTV Review.

samsung LNC530 HDTV Review

Samsung LNC530 Check price shop.

Samsung LNC530 HDTV Review.

The Samsung LNC530 HDTV Review include : Samsung LN32C530, Samsung LN37C530, Samsung LN40C530, Samsung LN46C530 and Samsung LN52C530. Each version of the TV no difference in features or quality, just different sizes of screen.

Samsung LNC530 Design :

The Samsung LNC530 is not eye-catching design; it looks like a regular TV, and not look like the Samsung HDTV other versions that are beautifully modern designed. May be, because The Samsung was put concept of the LNC530 HDTV is a budget TV. Therefore, you will see that TV have not a lot of function to adjust and limited the connected port; no support Bluetooth, DLNA (can’t connect Internet), Ethernet port, Wifi, Online Features and can not support Media Storage: Blu-ray, CF-Card, DVD, Fire wire, Memory Stick, MMC, and SD Card.

Samsung LNC530 Picture quality :

Great Contrast : The Samsung LNC530 excellent contrast to 6984:1, deep blacks and whites. The contrast ratio is a complex issue because many false information. Manufacturers often given as a million, but these data are the highlight of the final result to get the black level, and then add the backlight down as easily as possible (in mm). It doesn't represent how well the TV will perform in everyday viewing, where your backlight setting remains more or less constant. Our results provide a more realistic behavior.

Good Black level : The Samsung LNC530 has quite a good black level for an LCD TV. The Samsung LNC530 has quite a good black level for an LCD TV. However, be forewarned that the TV showed a problem with actually displaying a lot of detail in those blacks.

Terribly Motion Smoothness : Samsung LNC530 not particularly efficient operation of the Motion Smoothness. Certainly not the worst we have seen, but if the refresh rate is increased and the plasma is a significant market share for LCD, 60 Hz is clearly identified. How to move objects on the screen, you see the cut and clarity. Moving objects in conjunction with high contrast is obvious, but still there. It is also a significant loss of detail.

Nice 1080p base : LN46C530 Samsung has base 1080p(1920 x 1080). This means that the content for a lower resolution, the internal base 1080p will changes throughout the television screen to improve better resolution. Fortunately, Samsung is the ideal LN46C530 this task.

Unacceptable in Viewing Effects : The Samsung LNC530 has poor viewing angle, we found that beyond 36 degrees, there was a significant drop in contrast ratio.


The Samsung LNC530 is general feature not support Media Storage, limted port connect, but has good black level, video processing 1080p base, good contrast ratio, and if you're looking for a basic HDTV that delivers the goods, it gets our seal of approval.

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